M.A.C. Workshop – Spring Trends

About a month ago I applied for my M.A.C. Pro card, I was approved! Anyway, yesterday I was emailed my membership number, so my husband and I went to London to spend some money. (Love that he’s so patient and willing to come with me!)

When I arrived at the store, one of the artists helped me pick out a new foundation. I told her that I was a makeup artist and she was more than willing to help me spend my money! But then she mentioned that I should wait before buying my products because they were having a workshop tomorrow (Sunday) on 2014 Spring Trends. What a great opportunity to learn something new! I quickly signed up.

When I arrived at the store this morning, they said that they had a few cancellations due to weather (it was snowing like crazy) and they would be working one on one with each of the artists. So I had an hour and a half lesson on the trends for spring!

For the past couple of years makeup has been applied in a “paint by numbers” application. The highlight goes here, contour goes here.

For Spring 2014, the paint by numbers application is thrown out the window. Colours are blown out, soft, elegant.

Spring Trends - 2014
Spring Trends – 2014

Above is a picture of me, with one of the spring 2014 trends. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I love the look of matte makeup. This dewy look is new for me, one that I could get used to. My skin looks healthier and I don’t look like I’m wearing a mask. I’m still wearing most of the makeup I wear on a day to day basis. But instead of the structured look that I had mentioned earlier, this look is much softer. I normally contour my cheeks the add blush and highlight. This look is quite soft, focusing most of the colour closer to my hair line then brushing it forward. The eyes are also quite soft, I’m a fan of neutrals. Wearing bright colours doesn’t happen very often, but since the purple has been “blown out” it’s much softer.  Colours on the lips are soft this season, you can still go for bold colours but instead of lipstick go for a gloss.

Today’s experience was wonderful, I learned not only about the upcoming trends but I was able to get so many questions answered about M.A.C.’s products. I can take the knowledge that was gained today to help my clients in future appointments.

I will post photos later this week of the other trends for Spring 2014!


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