Today on Dr. Oz……

I received a text from my Mom today, she was concerned as Dr. Oz featured a segment on his show about Eyebrow, Eyelash Tinting and Eyelash Extensions.

Dr. Oz discussed the dangers of tinting along with the dangers of lash extensions.

I am not certified to do lash extensions, but I do know something about them. I know that I would not recommend any of my clients get them. I have not personally had this service done myself, but I have heard horror stories about women who’ve had this procedure done. They loved having them, but ran into difficulties when they were removed. I know women who have either lost some or all of their lashes after the extensions are removed. I personally would like to keep my lashes, so I would not even consider having this procedure done in fear of losing them.

I watched Dr. Oz’s show today, the video featured showed a tinting procedure in which the clients had their bottom lashes tinted. NEVER, I repeat NEVER let anyone tint your bottom lashes. There is a HUGE risk that you could go blind. This was drilled into us when I was in school learning about this process.

I have a consultation form that I go over with my clients, going over their history with various products that they have previously used. Asking if they had any allergic reactions to products. If they’ve had any reactions to products I’d recommend doing a test spot before proceeding.

I am certified to tint both eyebrows and eyelashes. Keyword being, certified. Yes there are risks with tinting your brows and lashes. But there are precautions that are taken to make sure my clients are kept safe. I prepare the eye by cleansing the eye. Making sure there is no residue from left over makeup. Makeup can cause a chemical reaction with the tint that could harm the client. Once the eye is clean, I then prepare the eye. This is a two step process to make sure the tint does not get onto the RefectoCilskin or in the eye. The tint is then applied to the lashes, making sure that the lashes are covered but not too close to the root, preventing the tint from getting into the eye. The tint is left on the eye for 15 minutes then removed with warm water.

I use RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash tint on my clients.

I want my clients to feel safe, safe knowing that I clean my tools thoroughly after each use. I do not want them to fear getting a bacteria or other eye infection from any of the products or tools that I use.

Tinting is not for everyone, I have personally had this done and enjoyed the finished product. But if you have sensitive skin or your eyes irritate easily, this may not be the process for you.

Thank you for reading this post, please let me know if you have any questions regarding this topic. I’d be more than happy to answer them!


3 thoughts on “Today on Dr. Oz……

    • I’ve had my brows tinted before and I would recommend that anyone interested should get it done! It works, it’s quick and simple! I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself though. The way the product is applied, if you’re standing up doing this the tint could fall into your eyes. Just be careful!


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