Smoky Cat Eye – Super Easy!!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend, I’ve had a nice relaxing weekend!

Today as promised, I’m showing you an easy smoky cat eye.

Honestly this is one of the easiest cat eyes to do!

As always I’m using a straight eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner.

To complete this cat eye, you really need to be able to draw out this shape  “>” It’s that simple. Start at the outer corner of your eye, draw out the first line to your crease, then draw the second line in your crease. DONE! That simple, below are pictures of the finished look.


I used Sephora’s Colour Anthology, if you’re looking for a large palette that’s not too expensive I definitely suggest you purchase this one. It’s $40CDN which is not bad at all, it includes 72 shades. Anyway, I’ve done a white/grey smoky eye. Another trend for Spring 2014 is to include white in your look. It could be a shadow like I’ve shown above or eyeliner.  It can be as simple as lining your water line or really going all out and lining your entire eye.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.

So that’s it for tonight’s post, time to watch the Oscars!! I’ll be doing another post later this week of the women who’s makeup stood out!



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