It was all good then…. Flashback!

We’ve all had those photos, you know the one’s where we all of a sudden look ghostly white for no apparent reason.

But there IS a reason!

SPF, you know that wonderful ingredient that is in most moisturizers and foundations. But what is saving our skin from sun damage is the main reason why we occasionally look like zombies!

Earlier this week I posted a picture of myself before going out to my husbands work function. Later that evening a friend and I asked to get a photo taken with the evenings entertainment. My husband showed me the picture and I was like WTH??? See below…..

Pic with Allan

So what started off as perfectly matched foundation, turned in to a stark white face….. in a flash! (I’m funny!)

I knew this was a possibility since I knew that I was wearing a foundation with a SPF 15 from MAC. But I was told to “test it out” and if I was not happy with the results I could return the product. Which I did….. last night!

So here are a few tips to help you avoid looking like a zombie at your next function;

1. Wear a moisturizer with no SPF. This can be tricky these days since most companies  are putting this in their foundations. But they are out there.

2. Wear a foundation with no SPF. MAC has three foundations with NO SPF. They are MAC Face & Body, MAC Pro Long Wear and MAC Moisture Mineralize Foundations.

3. Do not use too much powder when setting your foundation and concealer. Using too much will cause the flash to bounce off those tiny particles creating the same issue.

So there you go, three simple tips for you to consider the next time your getting ready for your next function.


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