Thinking about hiring a makeup artist….

Good Morning!

It’s Saturday!!!!

I’m getting ready for my first wedding of 2016, so excited! I’ll be off to Kitchener shortly 😊

But before I head out the door, I wanted to write a quick post.

This time of year is quite busy for those of us in the Bridal Industry. This is the time of year when most brides are researching vendors, requesting quotes and making a decision on who they’d like to work with on their wedding day.

If you’re wondering why some makeup artists are more costly than others, there’s a reason.

There’s a lot of behind the scenes cost associated with running a business like this.


I’d like to believe that I have a natural talent with makeup. I’ve been helping friends and family with their makeup for years. But I didn’t feel right charging them for something I hadn’t been trained in. So I went to school, to learn the tricks of the trade. To learn how to work with different types of makeup, lighting, skin types etc.


I’ve recently stepped out of my comfort zone. My kit had mainly consisted of MAC Β products. Don’t get me wrong, I still love MAC but I wanted to try some new products. I researched for months and months, looking up new products. Reading reviews, talking with fellow artists to see how they liked a product. I now have Temptu (airbrush makeup) and RCMA makeup in my kit. These two product lines combined cost me over $1000.00


AM Makeup Artistry is insured. My insurance company requires I follow certain steps to ensure my clients safety and my safety. That involves keeping my kit sanitary, cleaning my brushes, having the necessary supplies on hand when working a wedding to keep the makeup and tools clean.


Starting a business isn’t easy, there’s a lot of time and money put into marketing. Investing money into the business so that you can find a quality artist. Business cards, flyers, websites, bridal shows.

These are just a few of the things that will make some makeup artists a bit more costly than others.

Research the vendors you’re investing in, read the reviews! You don’t want to be disappointed on one of the biggest days of your life.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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