It’s been a busy year for AM Makeup Artistry! Earlier in the year I became certified in Classic Eyelash Extensions, I am extremely excited to offer this service!

Most recently I became certified in LashLifts!

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is a lashlift? (I know I did!!)

LashLifts are amazing for those who don’t want the maintenance involved with eyelash extensions or for those who are sensitive to adhesive. I myself cannot have eyelash extensions because I am allergic to adhesive (I react to band aids)

This treatment involves applying two solutions to your eyelashes to curl and set the curl. During the treatment you also have the option to tint your lashes. I carry brown, blue black and black tint. The amazing part is that this treatment lasts for up to eight weeks!

I’ve included a few photos of the LashLift treatment so you can see what’s involved.

I start by cleaning and priming your lashes, then I apply gel pads to your lower lashes.

I then apply a silicone mold to your eyelid, there are various sizes. Depending on the length of your lashes and the desired curl, there are a few options to choose from.

I then apply a couple of solutions to your lashes to curl and set the curl. Once this process has completed I can tint your lashes! My client shown in this photo chose to tint her lashes black.

Now for the before and after photo! The bottom photo is the before, the top is the after! Her lashes look amazing!

So that is the process in a nutshell! If you’re interested in trying out this process send me a message! I’ve added this service to the contact form.

Until next time!

Alysia 💋